Monday, 15 October 2012

How to make a fondant dog - tutorial

Last week I made a cake for a  lovely vet nurse from Brimbank Veterinary Clinic. Corrina's dog 'Spoodie' was turning 7 and Spoodie is lucky enough to have a bbq held in honour of his birthday each year. Corrina asked for a cake with a topper in Spoodie's likeness so I went straight to google to get some ideas. 

I came across a great You tube tutorial which gave me the basis to making this cute little dog which I will share with you. I had never tried modeling with fondant before so as this was my first attempt, I was very happy as was 'Spoodie".

Enjoy xxx


How to make a fondant dog

To make this particular topper I started with some white fondant and kneaded in some mazipan. I did this  so that I would get a slightly creamy colour as 'Spoodie' was not white in colour. I then kneaded in some gum trag. You can use modelling paste, gum paste, gum-tex or tylose powder. (A great post discussing the differences between these products can be found at The Sugar Lane website.)

I then watched this 2 part tutorial on You Tube and followed along.

I pretty much followed the tutorial as it was, with only 2 small modifications.

I adjusted the mouth slightly by shaping the dogs muzzle and giving him a slightly longer snout and jowles.

I also changed the ears on the dog by  making the tear drop shape as recommended and laying it flat on my work bench. I then  took a small veining tool and marked lines on the ears. This gives the impression of hair and also further flattens and enlarges the ear, giving 'Spoodie' a floppy ear.

Finally I took some apricot edible lustre dust and brushed 'Spoodie' with a fluffy brush. I focused on the areas where he is naturally darker in colour, such as the ears, mouth and paws.

Spoodie complete!

I hope you find this tutorial link helpful.
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