Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I cant believe its not Nutella!

Sugar Free Nutella

As part of my campaign to cut back on the amount of processed snack or convenience foods that my children have access to after school I became fixated on Nutella. Mmmmm, sweet, silky smooth Nutella. Choc full of healthy fats from hazelnuts right? WRONG. Have a look at the ingredients list next time your dipping your spoon in to the Nutella jar. The first ingredient listed is sugar, the second is vegetable oil, hazelnuts don't come in until number 3, and then there is all the preservatives and emulsifiers. Now don't get me wrong I wont be banishing Nutella from my house forever, there is definitely a place for Nutella in baking and as an occasional treat straight from the jar. But in my house it had gotten to the point that I was buying a large jar of Nutella a fortnight, that was a bit excessive.

So to replace the Nutella sandwiches and toast that was consumed in copious amounts of a morning and after school at my place I now have what I like to call - 'I cant believe it's not Nutella'.

So here it is a sugar free Nutella recipe for you to try out. Feel free to add some stevia, argave syrup or a little but of caster sugar if you don't want to settle for my extreme sugar free version.

Enjoy xxx

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