Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Shortbread Tree


Not long until Christmas now, only 6 more sleeps to go!. The countdown is on in my house as in many homes all over the world.

Today I thought I would share an easy gift idea. A Christmas shortbread tree is by no means a new idea but it is a great idea none the less. I make these trees each year for my children's teachers and family friends. They are not complicated to make and can be decorated anyway you like.

Enjoy xxx

To make the biscuits I use a shortbread recipe and make up a batch of vanilla shortbread and a batch of chocolate shortbread.  You can also use a sugar cookie recipe such as this recipe from Sweetapolita .

To cut the cookies I use a star cookie cutter set. I cut one vanilla and one chocolate star in each size.

Once the cookies are baked and cooled, I colour some fondant green and roll out my fondant thinly. Using my star cookie cutters I cut green stars and attach them to my cookies using a little bit of water and a paint brush.

Next I melt some chocolate and place a small amount on a cake board and secure the largest star to the board. Then I place another star of the same size on to the top of the bottom star securing again with some melted chocolate but rotating the star so that the points of the stars don't line up.
Continue to assemble the cookie tree and then decorate with sprinkles or lollies. I also like to dust mine with some edible lustre dust to make it a little sparkly, but the choice is yours.


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