Monday, 24 September 2012

Pinterest - Am I the last to join?

A couple of weeks ago I started hearing a lot about Pinterest. So I went to the website to have a look around and see how it works. I was in HEAVEN! This was exactly what I needed.

I can finally do away with my folder full of images of cakes and decorated treats that I had printed off in case I was in need of inspiration. Finally a place to collect the images that I love for future reference!

In case you are unfamiliar, Pinterest is an online pin board that allows users to share images and videos they find on the web - by 'pinning' them on to their boards. The pinned image is linked to the  original webpage or blog post location, giving users the chance to visit the source directly. You can  set up as many boards on your profile as you like to help organise your pins.
Its easy to add to your boards by re-pinning items already on Pinterest. Or many blogs (like mine) have a 'pin it' button which is what the 'like' button is to facebook or 'tweet' button is to twitter. These buttons allow users to share your posts without having to leave your blog.

You can also choose to follow another user on Pinterest so that you can see updates that user makes to all their boards. Or you may choose to follow just one particular board they have. And of course there's now iphone, ipad and android apps available for Pinterest.

You can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest link in the right side bar. I hope to see you all on Pinterest and cant wait to check out your boards. Dont forget to comment and let me know how you go.

Enjoy and happy pinning xxx Pin It


  1. The website still confuses me, but I'm glad you found a new home there!

    1. A home away from home! Dont give up on it yet, think of it as your very own 'vision board'.